Saturday, August 20, 2011

Conman / Scam Alert

CONMAN / SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conman / scammer with the maybank account no. 101011258553 is active on websites such as , .

The tactic of the conman is that he will use images from car advertisement posted on, remove the logo/watermark and post it on and as "sambung bayar" or continue payment car advertisement with lower than usual deposit as an attraction.

His modus operandi is getting deposit from buyer, then mentioned want to send the car to the buyer, on his way to meet buyer he asked for more deposit mentioning owner leaving overseas at the exact moment, then disappear after obtained all deposit. He will make excuses if want to meet or COD.

The conman has different names/id such as Trader 007 / Appala Naidu / Naidu Grumoorthy ( , Mr G / Humble Guy / Trader 007 (

His phone number as follows: 0143830779 / 0146115006 (latest no. attached to ads below)

Police report has been filed and case under investigation by jabatan siasatan jenayah komersil.

Hopefully this can alert others not to fall victim to this conman.

For more information, please refer the following scam link: